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Red Letter Day - June 25
flood the mail with red letters
29th-Jul-2007 02:07 pm
pink, knit
Name: Angela V.
Location: Plano, TX, USA
Letter pledge: I'm planning on sending mail more or less to everyone that I normally send cards to for birthdays/Christmas. That list changes every year, but it hovers around 20.

New PenPals? (Y/N): I already have a nice, long list of people that get cards/letters from me a few times a year, but like I said, that list changes as I meet new people or lose touch with people and get returned letters. So if we have some common interests and we we start talking, I'm never against adding people to my list. You can talk to me at this comm or email me at scarletloser at excite dot com.

More about me: Though I have truly adopted the internets and loved it and cuddled it and fed it and clothed it, I'm still down with cards, letters, and packages ol' skool style. I've never given up writing letters to people, esp. since I really don't like talking on the phone and I get befuddled and leave the worst messages ever. So when Cathy suggested Red Letter Day, I eagerly jumped on board and here I am now.
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