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Red Letter Day - June 25
flood the mail with red letters
sample introduction 
29th-Jul-2007 10:05 am
Please use my example as a format for your intro posts:

Name: Cathy C.
Location: Denver, CO, USA
Letter pledge: I hope to send red letters to most/all of my Christmas card list, which is about 12-20 people.

New PenPals? (Y/N): I have a hard time keeping up with my current level of correspondence, but if you have some interests in common with my profile, I might like to know you better. You can email me at catcar at livejournal dot com.

More about me: I got the idea to start Red Letter Day and I hope it turns out to be a fun experience for everyone who comes across the site. I have no affiliation with the postal service or Hallmark, lol, I just love getting and sending mail ^_^ I have quite a collection of stationary and note cards, and I look forward to collecting more to use on Red Letter Day XD
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